SmoothStar Europe Officially Opens

After a lot of delay SmoothStar is officially released in Europe. European surfers can now experience the SmoothStar feel and how close it is to surfing outside the water. No longer will SmoothStar customers have to pay for expensive shipping and in some cases extra import duty when buying SmoothStar from Australia.

SmoothStar products will be available through selected affiliates and the European website. We have written a lot of content for all surfing levels from Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced. This detailed information will help surfers understand by using SmoothStar you can improve your surfing technique. SmoothStar Europe is currently looking for team riders in various areas of Europe to represent us, these include up and coming professional junior and seniors – so get in touch.

The European website will undergo a range of enhancements so keep in touch with our social media outlets: Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Stoked to have you on board Europe. Yew!


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