Why SmoothStar is the best Surf Skate?


Many customers ask us why SmoothStar is the best surf skate… why is it just so similar to surfing? Well we have been answering this question for many years so we thought we would record a detailed analysis for our followers. We took SmoothStar and another Surf Skate through…

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SmoothStar Europe Officially Opens

After a lot of delay SmoothStar is officially released in Europe. European surfers can now experience the SmoothStar feel and how close it is to surfing outside the water. No longer will SmoothStar customers have to pay for expensive shipping and in some cases extra import duty when buying…

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How to become a SmoothStar Team Rider

SmoothStar receives many requests to become team riders, it is almost daily and from countries all over the world. SmoothStar has had surf groms who are now competing in the world top surfing tours in both Men’s and Women’s ASP. So what we have done is provide you with…

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