We class an intermediate surfer as someone that can drop into a decent size wave, take the drop” and ride a green wave with relative ease. For this type of surfer, SmoothStar can help progress and intermediate surfer into the next level of their surfing.

SmoothStar can help to improve correct surf technique and assist you getting more drive in and out of turns. With good timing and practice on land, SmoothStar will help intermediate surfers generate more compression and speed along the wave face.

Utilising SmoothStar as a training tool, you will strengthen core surfing muscles and improve bottom and top turns… not to mention general carving speed.

Top 5 Improvements Areas

  1. Perfect the bottom turn
  2. Carve a wave better
  3. Generate more speed on the wave by compressing lower body
  4. Linking a bottom turn to a cutback
  5. Strengthen core surfing muscles for extra endurance and power turns

Obtain a Better Technique

One of the major factors preventing intermediate surfers advancing their technique is the lack of compression in their legs. Good compression is the key to speed on a wave. With speed, you can carve your way to sharper turns, cutbacks and critical maneuvers.

SmoothStar is an excellent surf tool to help improve your surfing compression. We recommend intermediate surfers start on a flat surface on the street, start to get the feel of compressing your legs, body and extension. Once you gain confidence on the streets, surfers can progress to driveways, steeper slopes and skate parks.

Simulate perfect Surf Technique

How does SmoothStar help your bottom turn?

A good bottom turn sets up an entire wave, providing essential speed and fluidity for a variety of maneuvers. When you use SmoothStar you are surfing on land, you compress your legs just before you start your bottom turn, getting lower to the ground whilst storing up kinetic energy. As you go through your turns on SmoothStar, you keep your body low and then as you come out of the turn, you extend your legs creating drive and more speed into the next turn.


Strengthen Core Surf Muscles?


Although not an exact surfing technique or trick, the simplest and easiest way to gain core surfing strength is to surf the streets on your SmoothStar. With the SmoothStar Thruster, you can “self-propel” yourself, pumping and weaving just like you would on a wave.

“Been tired when riding a long point break wave?”

When you carve on SmoothStar, you strengthen the core surfing muscles in your lower back and back legs. Lets face it, to improve surfing muscles, would you rather train at a gym or have fun skating on a SmoothStar? When riding on SmoothStar you are actually strengthening your surfing muscles and having fun at the same time. You are constantly pushing from one side to another increasing muscle strength in the following key surfing muscles:

  • Gluteal Muscles (just under your buttox)
  • Hamstring Muscles (back of your leg, above your knee joint)
  • Gluteus Medius (muscles of your lower back)

SmoothStar will help intermediate surfers practice compression surfing on land. Surf skating for long periods of time will build up the core surfing muscles of the lower back and back legs – helping you to surf stronger and longer.


Important Tip: Ask a Surf Coach To help you improve your bottom turn, top turn and general compression, get a qualified surf coach to watch you. Get them to help you with the timing of your compression and leg extension. A surf coach can examine your body position and the use of your arms. Perfect this on land with SmoothStar then take the correct technique into the water on your next surf.