Improve surfing guarentee

Money Back Guarantee

SmoothStar is recognised all over the world as the closest thing to surfing outside the water.  The feel and flow of the SmoothStar Thruster simulates surfing. Starting in Australia, there have been many surfers who “grew up on SmoothStar” to help improve their surfing.

The fact is, many current surfing professionals rode SmoothStar to help hone their surfing technique, some of these include: Owen Wright, Sally Fitzgibbons, Laura Enever and Tyler Wright.

In the 10 years history of SmoothStar, we have rarely had disgruntled customers. In fact we can’t even remember any at all… and we’ve sold 10,000’s all over the world. We are so confident in that SmoothStar is providing its customers in Europe a Guarantee…