How to become a SmoothStar Team Rider

SmoothStar receives many requests to become team riders, it is almost daily and from countries all over the world. SmoothStar has had surf groms who are now competing in the world top surfing tours in both Men’s and Women’s ASP. So what we have done is provide you with the information you need on how to become a SmoothStar team rider.

Top 10 WSL Tour Surfer Owen Wright as a grom.
Top 10 WSL Tour Surfer Owen Wright as a grom.

SmoothStar offer two types of team riders:

1. Riders that surf amazing and compete but also love to skate.

2. Riders that ride SmoothStar amazing but don’t compete in surf competitions.

If you want to become a team rider just to get a free surf skate it is pretty unlikely.

Every application and enquiry to become a SmoothStar team member is considered by SmoothStar staff and sometimes other team riders. Here is the criteria we look at:

1. Your passion for surf and skate – what you can do surfing and on SmoothStar

2. Being cool: modest and humble – let your surfing and skating do the talking

3. Your surfing competition results

4. Your surfing technique and how you replicate this on SmoothStar

5. Where you live and age. (We like to be represented in all age groups and locations)

6.  Ability to get content: photos/videos of you surfing and skating.

[box]Almost all existing SmoothStar team riders have already purchased a SmoothStar product.[/box]

Once you become a team rider you get all sorts of benefits such as: free products, assistance to go to surf competitions and promotion from SmoothStar around the world. We also offer to get support from other team riders all around the SmoothStar international network.

To become a teamrider for SmoothStar, we recommend getingt some surf and skate footage to us. If its video, upload a cool clip and post it to YouTube. We’ve had some great videos made over the years… here is one of the sickest ones…

You will need to fill out the form below and we will get back to you. Note: we get many requests all over the world so your changes higher if you send in a video of you surfing and skating on SmoothStar. Good luck.

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