Smooth German Surfing with Alex Broumbas

Once upon a time in 2013 Alex Broumbas and creative photographer Sebastian (Sebbo) Emmert decided they would take a trip into Lisbon, Portugal to test our Alex’s new SmoothStar 32″ Flying Fish at the new skatepark.

Alex cruises the skatebowl with beautiful flow and style. Every now and then Alex throws in the occasional grab rail air.

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Few surfers in Europe ooze as much old school style and flow than Alex Broumbas. Alex is that kind of guy that is good at almost anything he puts his hands on. However, his real passion is surfing, bottom turns, gliding down the line with smooth lines that resemble 1970’s single fin days.


After riding several other surf skates, Alex noticed that SmoothStar was the best surf skate he had ridden. His feedback to us was it was much faster, more flow, stronger and was closest to the surf feel.


Alex is the co-owner and creator of the uber cool Highway to Swell Motel in Peniche, Portugal. What is really cool about Highway to Swell is that they build their own mini skatebowl inside the accommodation.


Photos and video are from fellow German surfer Sebbo, who is not only co-owner of Surf Guiding Peniche but the 2012 German National Longboarding Champion. SmoothStar is looking forward to some more cool pics and videos from these guys.

alex-surf-skate-sebastian-surf-photographer (1)

SmoothStar loved Alex’s style on SmoothStar we decided to make him a teamrider.




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